Welcome to our company.

quoteThanks for inquiring about Hansa Consultants, where we proudly serve your healthcare management and marketing needs.  We measure our success upon reaching the clients' endpoint goal.  Every client and project is treated with the highest ethical & professional manner.

A few of our areas of expertise are listed below, however any specific or unique request is welcomed.

    Marketing Campaigns.

    Medical facility management & consultation.

    Outpatient clinic restructuring &/or organization.

    Medical Practice & Hospital Marketing.

    Medical Product development and promotion.

    Medical web design, support, & hosting.

Keeping up with Modern Medicine.

Whether you are a physician, medical administrator, or both,  its critical to keep up with the ever-evolving field of medicine.  This means everything from new treatments to how to bill accurately for services. 

At our company we strive to keep our clients informed of the latest medical protocols and issues.  Keeping up with modern medicine will allow you to complete your goal and look to the future with confidence.